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One Geek Point = One Dollar

We Accept All Major Cards


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 Ever heard of those airline or supermarket reward schemes? Geek Points are pretty similar - the main difference being we give much better value for the points you collect.

Geek Points are our way of recognising your loyalty and participation at GeekByte.

You can collect points in many ways:

  • Collect points for purchasing Items - 5% of your purchase will be added as points!
  • Collect points in newsletter promotions and other social media bonuses

You can then spend your points on cool items

  • 1 Geek Point is the equivalent of $1

As soon as you log in or create an account - you will see a small counter on the left which will tell you the amount of points you have.

Start collecting your Geek Points today to earn cool rewards and buy stuff the way nature intended - free!

Geek Points Terms and Conditions