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Sale on now!

We are glad to continue to bring everyone the best products at the best prices.
Today we are announcing the beginning of our first sale!

You will find a range of products around our site that are between 15% - 20% off the full price!

If you've been watching that Geeky Gift or Gadget for a while and want to get your mittens on it. Now is the best time to buy it.

We've linked you a couple of our favourite items that have gone on sale below:

Star Wars Yoda Back Buddy2

Star Wars Yoda Plush Backpack
$58.00 $49.30

Star Gate Universe Coasters

Star Gate Universe Coasters
$38.00 $32.30


DIY Coffee Lamp
$14.50 $12.33

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GeekByte - Brilliant Things


The Latest at GeekByte,

Today we are pleased to announce our brand new affiliate program on our website!

If you want to collect some more cash to buy all the geeky things that you love – you can take advantage of this program by signing up over at our affiliate section.
The general gist of things is you refer people to GeekByte and for every item they purchase – you will make 5% of the total sale price. Sounds easy!

Your earning potential is uncapped so you can make hundreds or thousands a week by referring people to our site.

Read more about our affiliate program and get started today

To keep you entertained - we’ve collected a few of the best articles and videos around to help keep you up to date.

Scientists Still Attempting to Turn Things Invisible
An Australian company has teamed with scientists to create the world’s first “invisible” wetsuit, using patterns to blend with the surrounding ocean and hoping it will make surfers harder for sharks to see.

Disney’s Crazy Invention Lets You Feel Phantom Objects Floating In Air
You know how Kinect lets you interact with virtual objects? A groundbreaking project called Aireal lets you feel them too.

World's slowest-moving drop caught on camera at last
Emulating a scientific test started at UQ in Queensland Australia - Trinity College in Dublin has recorded on video a drop of pitch falling for the first time.

Here's What a Developer's PS4 Looks Like
Exclusive images of a developers PS4 before it was all nicely polished and finalised

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Thanks for reading our latest blog!
GeekByte - Entertaining the Intelligent.


Welcome to GeekByte,

Today is our Grand Opening and we are pleased to have you browsing our site, searching through the best Geeky products around!

We endeavour to provide the best service and customer experience for everyone. We have several options for enhancing the experience of your shopping and making this a great place to be!

·        Geek Points

This is our “Pay with Points” system! You will earn 5% of your purchase value in points every time you shop with us. One point is worth One Dollar – the more you shop the more you get. Keep an eye out for promotions and events from GeekByte to earn extra points!

·         Wish Lists

Did you find an item you really want but don’t have the extra money for? Save the item to your wish list – share the list with your friends. Maybe one of them will feel extra generous and the item will turn up on your doorstep.

·         Newsletters

Keep up to date with the newest trends, products and fun facts on Geeky life. These monthly newsletter updates will keep you informed as well as provide bonuses and discounts.

·         Social Media Pages

Like us on facebook, +1 us on Google +, Follow us on Twitter, Pin us on Pinterest, Visit our Blog, Visit our eBay. All of these places will have great deals and features. They will allow you to interact directly with us.

Last and not least – our blog!

Our blog will feature regular updates, news and information on Geek life. Our blog will be where our big announcements take place as well as offer the best deals to you!

Again, thank you for visiting our store.

GeekByte – Entertaining the Intelligent